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Glass Extensions

Glass Walls And Facades

Our frameless glass walls and glass facades can fulfil any of yours or your architect’s requirements and are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, free from obstructive frames and offer minimal detailing. Very simple, very modern, they let in floods of natural light and help connect inner spaces with the outdoors, whilst still providing all the security and comfort you need.

Glass Extensions

Glass walls & facades

Aesthetically striking, frameless glass walls and facades maximise natural light gain to any room without the need for bulky frames. An abundance of natural light lowers your energy costs – via solar gain in winter months, and improves both the overall ambiance and mood.

A wide choice of products

We can supply different glass types for specific wall applications. These include solar control, insulation properties, extensions, partitions, aesthetic designs and so much more. Double glazed and laminated glass panels or hardened glass offer maximum safety and avail security concerns. We can even install security locks on glass entrances that lock your room with ease.

Glass Extensions

Utilizing Contemporary Technology

The structure is brought about by joining large panes of structural glass units with structural silicone.

Glass Extensions

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Glass Extensions

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Glass Extensions

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