Top 5 Tips for Bringing the Outside in

It’s National Gardening Week and to celebrate the event we’re bringing you our top 5 tips on how to let the outside in and introduce a little nature to your property. Whether it’s a domestic or a commercial property, bringing the outside into your interior can really freshen things up a bit; making you feel more comfortable and less confined within your property.

National Gardening Week is devoted to green fingers, gardeners and horticulturists alike. Celebrating all things garden related, it’s a wonderful week packed full of events, workshops, guided walks and garden parties. Don’t let the fun and enjoyment stop at the front door though, with summer fast approaching now is the perfect time to find ways of bringing the outside into your property!

Introduce Some Plant Life

An obvious starter, but yet still extremely effective. It’s not so much the addition of plant life that will make an impact, it’s more the actual choice of greenery that will make the difference. Dotting a few plant pots here and there will not aid much of a transformation, especially if you have a large property. However, introducing some large and leafy plants or some exotic flowers will certainly spice things up a bit and allow you to enjoy your surroundings in naturistic bliss.

Consider Some Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is quite literally made from the outdoors. So this one is a no brainer, right? If you have already introduced a little foliage into your property then some wooden furniture is the perfect accompaniment for it. Introducing more wood into a property really helps to add to the natural, alfresco atmosphere and is visually appealing too.


Encourage Natural Light with a Glass Extension

Allowing more natural light to pass through your property is another great way of letting the outside in. This is especially true if you have light-painted walls, such as whites and creams, as natural light will reflect off of these shades perfectly. Floor to ceiling glass is the best way of letting as much natural light pass into your property as possible.

You may also consider installing a glass extension, or consider installing frameless sliding doors on your existing extension. Doing so will provide a beautiful and natural living environment, giving your property some extra light and some more space at the same time. If you are contemplating a new glass extension, or require some renovation work on your existing structure, give our team a call today.

Sway Towards the Seaside

Keep things nautical and sway towards the seaside as a fun way of bringing the outside in to your property. If you live with children this can be particularly useful and effective for you, as you can include shells they have collected from the beach as house decorations and ornaments. Anything beach related brings back good memories of holidays and family outings, so this is another fantastic way of allowing the outdoors to creep inside your home.

Use Colours Inspired By the Outdoors

Green, brown, yellow and orange are all colours that remind us of the earth, grass, plant life and the sun. Sky blue is also a great colour to use to brighten up a property and freshen things up a bit, reminding us of water and the sky. Neutral tones such as whites and beige’s make your interiors feel natural and clean too. So as you can see, just like introducing some plant life, bringing the outside in can be as easy as simply changing your colour scheme.

National Gardening Week 2016

NGW LogoNational Gardening Week 2016 is currently taking place and will come to a close on the 17th April. Originally launched just five years ago by The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), the event has since grown tenfold to become the UK’s largest celebration of all things gardening.

You can keep up to date with all the event’s happenings via the RHS Facebook and Twitter pages, or by keeping an eye on the National Gardening Week page.

Posted April 5, 2016