How to Add Value to Your Commercial Property

Are you thinking of moving from your commercial property and putting it up for sale? Maybe you are just interested in your property’s value and wish to add to it for future-proof purposes. Adding value to a commercial property requires very similar efforts to domestic dwellings, but with added influencers such as health and safety regulations. Read on to find out how you can add value to your commercial property.

Convert Your Empty Spaces

Adding an extra room or utility space to your property can really help boost its value. A large empty space can be thought of as an alluring blank canvas for many property buyers. On the other hand, a vacant room gathering dust can be a major put-off. This is especially true if you have a block of offices, where desk space is required in abundance.

Renovate Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms require the most amount of attention in the majority of constructions; both commercial and domestic. New buyers will want to move into a property straight away, without having to worry about fixing old-fashioned fittings and features. This is especially true for commercial properties as various strict Health & Safety regulations govern the state and quality of these quarters.

A Lick of Paint Won’t Hurt

An obvious quick and easy improvement to any property rests within its decoration. Just a simple change of colour scheme may be the change that helps you sell your property faster. Keep it simple and decorate according to the location, purpose and size of your building. Remember, do not over-do your design; instead decorate in such a way that will allow a potential buyer to build upon it.

Maintain the Property’s Exterior

The exterior of your property will be the first feature a potential buyer will see, so hiring a gardener to maintain the plant life and public pathways will be a major benefit. It’s all about presentation when it comes to your building’s surroundings. If the outside of your property is unkempt what will that say about the inside?

Install a Glass Extension

Glass extensions are a fantastic way of adding space and a fresh dimension to your commercial property. You have almost endless possibilities here, so it is difficult to predict just how much value an extension will add to your building. Nevertheless, an expertly designed and constructed extension will allow more natural light, provide more space and undoubtedly increase the amount of purchasing interest in your property.

Properties such as the Three Crowns in Devon have benefitted massively from the instalment of a glass extension; adding both value and increased public interest.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency will always be a hot topic and a hugely influential selling point for property buyers everywhere. Installing energy efficient glass can save property owners hundreds and thousands of pounds a year, so this is simply a must! If you need to replace your windows make sure you are buying quality materials; otherwise you may lose money instead of adding value.

Talk to our team today for more information on energy efficiency.

Consider Installing a New Roof

Just like any other commercial investment, a potential buyer will want to see both demonstrable benefits and a solid return on their expense. According to many commercial property agents throughout the UK, almost half of your properties’ curb appeal comes from the state of the roof. Many estimates claim that you can add as much as 6% in value to your building by installing a new roofing surface; so it is definitely something to consider. The benefits are clear to see – your roof will be more visually pleasing, it will require less maintenance and you may benefit from increased building efficiency.

Posted April 20, 2016